Friday, 20 April 2012

Metal Machine Music - Lou Reed (1975)

Only possible explanation: karmic balance.  1/10.

Innervisions - Stevie Wonder (1973)

If ever this man gets put forward for Sainthood, this will be exhibit number one.  10/10.

Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd (1975)

I might have liked this better if it hadn't have been force fed to me  by my always stoned room-mate.  6/10.

The Idiot - Iggy Pop (1977)

Sunrise effort after release from mental institution points to greater things to come.  7/10.

Tonight's The Night - Neil Young (1975)

Young's life goes to shit and he's only to happy to let you know all about it.  7/10.

Exile on Main St. - The Rolling Stones (1972)

Thieves every major genre of the time and gets away with it too.  8/10.

Transformer - Lou Reed (1972)

Funny, contentious and riddled with drug references like train tracks along a vein.  9/10.

Marquee Moon - Television (1977)

A template for practically all indie and alternative music that followed in the next 20 years.  9/10.

Parallel Lines - Blondie (1978)

Audibly epicurean pop that caresses the ear with sensuality.  9/10.