Friday, 30 March 2012

Accelerate - R.E.M. (2008)

When you're sure you've lost your way, just throw your hand.   Not a quality R.E.M. record at all.  6/10.

New Adventures in Hi-Fi - R.E.M. (1996)

Take one world dominating band and watch them throw it all away.  Nice contribution from Patti though.  6/10.

Monster - R.E.M. (1994)

This is the sound of sex and anger.  True rock n'  roll.  9/10.

Automatic for the People - R.E.M. (1992)

Musical pinnacle, not just for R.E.M., but for popular music as a whole.  Peerless.  10/10.

Green - R.E.M. (1988)

Stadiums conquered worldwide - aye sir, aye sir - they're coming!  9/10.

Document - R.E.M. (1987)

Four heroes hit rich vein of form and finally find public desperate for them.   9/10.

Dead Letter Office - R.E.M. (1987)

Poorly performed drunken covers coupled with early and rather classy Chronic Town EP - just about works.  6/10.

Fables of the Reconstruction - R.E.M. (1985)

Divisive album amongst devotees, for me, it's a key stage in R.E.M.s growing adroitness.  8/10.

Mumur - R.E.M. (1983)

Freaky mumbling from the left field captivates listeners with sheer southern charm.  8/10.

It's R.E.M. day!

The singer, he had long hair
And the drummer, he knew restraint
And the bass man, he had all the right moves
And the guitar player was no saint....