Friday, 16 March 2012

Pinkerton - Weezer (1996)

Ascetic experiences catharsis on record, embarrassed for years, but worth it.  8/10.

The ArchAndroid - Janelle Monáe (2010)

Pompadoured Wizard of Oz fan creates a magical world of her own, encompassing just about every genre worth doing.  8/10.

Different Class - Pulp (1995)

Lanky intellectual spends one night with a pad of paper and a bottle of whiskey and perfectly embodies the working class in less than 60 minutes, marvellous.  9/10.

A Real Dead One - Iron Maiden (1993)

Give a bunch of clowns a few Hammer horror films and guitar lessons and this is the kind of trash you get out of it.  1/10.

Horses - Patti Smith (1975)

Worldly waif dismantles musical norms and creates mind bending modification of listeners mind in the process.  10/10.

Vauxhall and I - Morrissey (1993)

Morrissey proves that he is more than a former Smith and no simple pillarist either, this is breathtakingly affecting stuff.  9/10.

Blood Sugar Sex Magik - Red Hot Chili Peppers (1991)

Raw sexual energy courses throughout this masterpiece, the Chilis came of age right here and have never (yet) bettered this incredible record.  10/10.

Pet Sounds - The Beach Boys (1966)

Tender pop gems from vulnerable schizoaffective soul, but never quite as great as claimed to be.  8/10.

I've been expecting you - Robbie Williams (1998)

Musical maestro comes out from nowhere to make pop music magic, oh and Robbie Williams does some singing too.  7/10.